A Little Reminder to ALWAYS Believe in Yourself :)

Today I realized something important, we often forget our own abilities. Forgetting to trust ourselves and afraid to dream high. All of this roots from one thing, we are afraid of failure. Sure, sometimes what we believe in, like our goals for a certain university, job, or even a relationship don’t work out. It may even completely and utterly fail! It can be a small goal or even a life changing one, it doesn’t matter, because everyone fails not once or twice, but many many many times. It may seem so hopeless, myself for example, I didn’t get accepted to the university I wanted, and at that time, it felt like I don’t know where my life was heading, I felt like I didn’t really have other choices. I had pictured my life and plans, visioning everything on the base thought that I would get accepted there. I never really lost hope though, I knew it was completely silly to think one or two rejections meaning the end of my dreams.

So I studied again and again.. It felt like a long and tiring process, I was hopeless enough that I was just sick of it all, getting even more depressed thinking about all those people who have the same goals and are studying their heads off at that very same time. It didn’t help that everyone around me was as pessimist about me as myself, except my mom who was probably too optimist._. even so, I still have a small bunch of people who truly believes in me (mom included, love you mom!), they helped me believe in myself and literally helped me through the days. Then the national university selection exam came! (SBMPTN) because of the failure I had with my dream university, I thought of changing my choice for a university lower in rank and accreditation, still great but obviously not the same. I was lucky to have my awesome sister, Bryna, who told me to go ahead and pick my dream university again despite the previous failure I had experienced, she told me how she believes in me and how she knows I have the ability to get it. You know what? Not only did I get accepted to my dream university, Bogor Agricultural University (IPB), I also got accepted to Gadjah Mada University (UGM) through a different entrance exam, both for veterinary medicine course! The vet medicine course in both universities are recognized internationally. Despite several bumps along the road and many odds, I was able to get what I wanted and more.

At this point, you might think I know nothing of “real” failure and not in the place to write an entry about failure, believing or success, a part of that is true, I realize how lucky I am to be having problems like this and I am fully aware that many people are dealing with failure and loss far greater than anything I have experienced. However, the reason I write about this anyway is because I want you to know that no matter what kind of problems you’re dealing with, just have hope! HOPE! BELIEVE! Everything will work itself out =) If my sister didn’t believe in me, I wouldn’t even have a chance to get the offers I now have. Ending this blog entry, I want to remind you to remember, always believe in yourself, no matter what other people may think, because they don’t decide ANYTHING for you, it’s YOUR future! It’s YOUR story! It might sound a bit cliche, but it’s absolutely true =)

To sum it up, I found this awesome quote from pinterest.com: